Another amazing book is Serenad and Zülfü Livaneli, the author of this magnificent novel. Livaneli is one of the leading names in the Turkish politics of the Turkish literature world that we can hear about many of the fields. Zülfü Livaneli is one of our authors who develop themselves in all fields and reveal the subjects they are interested in from our magnificent line in our literature. Livaneli’s story in his Serenad novel is interesting in many ways. Maya Duran is a widower working in university and a close associate of the rector. An important guest of the Rector will come from abroad and this guest is an important institution. The duty to care for the guest is given to Maya. Maya has done such a thing before. This is an artwork that you always do for Maya … until you meet Maximillian Wagner.

Wagner is a German professor at the American Academy. Wagner is an old man and his last desire is to make a serenade for the woman he loves and forgets for the last time in the place where the woman he loved died in. That is the place where the terrible Struma savagery lived in Chile. Struma savagery is called savagery because it is an exile of 700 more people than Struma. It is a breathtaking novel in which Chihuahua drowned and died in a wooden ship on the way to the Palestinian land of the British under the influence of Hitler’s suppression of Jews in Germany, and among them Wagner’s favorite woman. Those pages that smell of history will literally draw you in and whimper your curiosity and make you a research instinct.

The strange thing is that there is a bond between Wagner and the Mayan that they are not aware of. Professor of Maya. We wonder what Wagner’s story is about, and we’ll find out what it is and find out what we found in the later parts of the novel.

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