Mevlana is an important marshavist who brought together the eastern and western cultures called with love for humanity 8 centuries ahead.

The most important work Mevlana has received is the mesnevi. Selections from Mevlana Mesnevi We will include the stories you will read with a psalm in this article titled Brief Summary.

Mouse With Camel

In a very old time, he had a smart and humble camel with a humble mouse.

One day these two meet and become friends.

– Mouse, I have to guide you. He says I need to pull it off and take it wherever you want.

– Your camel friend will be willing to accept this offer and the Mouse Devee will begin to guide you.

– They reach the edge of a small skin.

– This stream, which could not even reach the kneecaps for camel, was seen as endless denier for mouse.

– Camel said what do you expect?

– Do not see the mouse with a cowardly voice tone The water is so deep I said I can not pass.

– The mouse was reddish red, embarrassed.

– It is too small for you, but he said a very big water for me and said I will stop guiding. I wish I had thought of them before, but I said if I did not get involved in big things.

– That said, Camel said yes. No one should fall for the deceitful pride …

Elephant Fry

A wise man wanted to give advice when he saw the hungry of passersby. This advice was to eat the elephant herds you would see on the way.

– Indeed, our fathers caught the elephant passing the road and ate it.

– Because only one of them remembered the story, she did not eat the elephant’s flesh.

– When they were sleeping at night, the main elephant came and smelled their mouths and ate them all. The elephant has not been murdered by the elephant because he did not smell the mouth.

Recommendations from Sparrow to Hunter

One day your fighter catches the tequila. Sparrow on the hunting hunter I do not benefit you from a bite, let me give you 3 advice to help you in your life. The hunter releases the sparrow on it. Sparrow counsels after getting a dala to secure himself.

Do not believe what you say to those things that will not happen. This is the first prize.

Something to worry about things that have gone past, after you go and after you said do not take his longing, then there was 10 pearls in my stomach and you gave up on this 10th, leaving me. On this, the hunter whispers, saying my head. Sparrow says the hani will not be sorry for things that have gone past.

– The hunter says you’re right and he wants you to give him his third lunch. So on the sparrow you hold the first two tips and the third one says you want and fly away.

To give advice to an uninformed person immersed in sleep is like a seedy bread to a barren land …

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