SUBJECT: This is a momentum. At the age of eight, a child tells the city, neighborhood, family, and other people around him, and at the same time keeps a mirror around him.

He’s telling us:
We were sitting in Saraçhane District of İstanbul, Çelebi Sokak .. My father’s name was Ali. My father is a handsome, full-bodied, well-dressed, Islamic man with a moral and decent, clean hearted person. He was saddlery in his own shop. In short, it worked, the efforts were very good at home. My father’s best friend was Uncle Behcet. They often come together, chat.
My mother’s name was Fatimat-üz-Zehra. He was a very good Muslim. It was Varna. We went to Varna for a holiday time. They welcomed us very well.
My brother’s name is Mehmet. My brother was very helpful to me in reading and writing.
And there was an uncle. His name was Mehmet Tahir. It was very different from my father. They say that my father always paid his debts.
Nina had a witch. I pushed the stick into his head as the neighboring child pushed into Nail. I never saw that stick again. Mom, my mother burned it. It was a lesson to me. I never did such undefined work again.

One day, my brother came with a kid in his lap. I was sent to me from Varna. She was so cute.
Our school is open every day. It’s called Fevziye School. I was there to memorize the Qur’an. In the morning they would take us to the hotel and take us to the school. I was afraid of Hodja Effendi. How can I not be afraid? Two three-armed sticks, stretched forward in front of him, were horrified by straps with straps on the head end. He invested me twice in three years. I did not see where the rose was,

but I have no doubt that ashamed and painful ashes have become ashes.
On the first day of the Feast of the Sacrifice, my father, in the morning of prayer, had one of two curtains ready for my mother. She could not cut the other. There was a complaint. He passed away in eleven days. One day before his death, we had chance by chance. He told him everything he had to pay, his debts. The day they died they sent me to the school. I returned home at lunchtime for lunch. As I got home, I saw my imaginary father’s coffin through the crowd. I have never felt such great pain in the world. A neighbor took me, took me home. What did you do to stay. Then I was eight.

One day, I had a four-pocket girl on my back who was loving a lot, I was attacked by a dog and I was torn from all four places, I came home to cry. As much as I’m sorry for your dog’s assault, I was indulging in that a man watching your dog attack me there did not help me.
I have never forgotten the corner that the dog has attacked since my life.

When I read Aziz Efendi’s work “Muhayyelat”, I returned my name Omer to Naci. “Naci and Şehide’nin Aşkı” was a great contribution to my reading of the chapter. The story impressed me a lot. Şehide, a very beautiful girl, asks some questions about the bougles she has brought to her side; but the valiant men who see the beauty behind the veil opened from the wind are thoroughly spoken and they can not all answer the questions of trembling in front of Sehide. In the face of beauty, everybody gets mad. Then Naci goes to the burning hear of this girl and responds properly to all the questions she asks. They married. But when she opens her face, Naci keeps herself hard to pierce her in the beauty she sees.
Although I did not like the story very much, Naci liked the name very much and after that day, I used Naci as my nickname step.

When my father lost his uncle after his death, we were in a great poverty. In the meantime, I was assigned as a tutor to the High School. Sait Pasha, who came to Varna, liked me very much while supervising the school and took it as an officer. While I was working in many different positions with Sait Pasha, I was writing poetry at the same time, and the days of writing in the newspapers I wrote were increasing day by day. Despite these achievements, I still did not neglect to take some lectures.

One day, Ahmet Mithat Efendi, who saw me ill in his dream, came with his whole family the next day. When they saw me being healthy and joyful, they had watered their hearts. But someday, when I went out to get something in the room, I lie down on a bed of fainting, The dream was right. The cause of death was a heart condition.

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