Barış Manço

My Grandfather’s Lost Swallow

Love is sometimes a quest and sometimes patience. Love comes out against an ant you never dreamed of. This book is about a man’s hope and patience.

Grandparents and grandchildren were born on the same day. The little boy finds an old notebook and the past and the future unite. In this book, he starts looking for his love. In this book of memories adorned with the memories of Dedenin memories, he wants to learn about a neighborhood where the sun is not born, his childhood love, two stars slip, how a love can be found, and how to overcome his love problems.

Dedesin’s memo is so magical that he adds a new direction to his life and engages in the struggle with the problems he can not solve. Trying to shed light on the problems of society, or rather, in this book that I see you are facing, you will be confronted with the story of a man who is looking for love and a love-seeking man.

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