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I Loved You So Much, My Heart

Does not the book even take the name itself? Lovers of love novels and fans of Canan Tan’s pen. “My heart loved you very much.”Yes, the book really tells the love of hearts. The difficulties that come to pass through the sacrifices made are even more important, the two genres are always a love novel in their best years, passing or not passing their heads. Nazım Hikmet esintii Canan is known to accompany this beautiful pencil in this book accompanied by almost dancing with harmony .. Will come to talk about the book

As I mentioned, Murat’s love is with a full of warm love that reveals the place of two generations in the life of each other. Diyaloğa is pouring into the secretive escape glances between the original and Murat, who have just started to university, with their friends intervening and they confess their love to each other at the time. When time goes to meet the original Murat’s family, Murat’s family eyes the reality of the culture between them. Because the profile of the bride in Murat’s family’s dream is quite different. Because Murat’s family is rich, they do not accept the intellectual girl as a bride, and even though it is not a problem between the original and Murat, time becomes the biggest problem between them. He goes to America to prevent the progress of his case, but he keeps getting information about murat from his friends. The fate remains as a spark in them, even though Murat Aşkı actually goes to America and breaks in between them. I am convinced that there are things that will surprise you in the later parts of the book.

If you like the Canan Tan pen and you want to see poetry poetry poetry among the novel, I can recommend it. And yes indeed the heart is for those who love him ..
Good reading

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