“Those who do not want to bring all Turks together are not Turks.”
I’m asking you! Are you Turkish? If you are an Türks, you have to accept Turkishness.
What distinguishes us from animals is that we have an ideal.
Turkism is not bullying. This does not mean being an enemy to other nations.
The basic idea of Turkism is justice. This means providing justice to oppressed peoples, oppressed people. Turkism does not mean to be anti-Islamic or an enemy of other religions. There is no religious separation, no sectarian separation.
What does Turkism mean in academic terms?
This is a movement aimed at linking all Turks to a single country and flag.
I, as a Turkist, suggest that you read the Atsiz book. How can gathering around Turkism be abnormal for a Turkish man? Have we been fighting for this ideal for centuries?
Now it’s time to raise your presence.
Turkism will advance, the Turkish race will be victorious.

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