Islam Bey and Zekiye Hanim love each other. Islam will go to the army for being a patriotic person. The Zekiye did not explain her feelings to her before. The Zekiye volunteers her feelings before her departure and sees that her love is mutual, but she was forced to stay there because she was determined to go to the military, and that the Zekiye Hanım had entered the martyr and the soldier voluntarily entered the back of the Islam Bey, as the remains of Silistra were under siege.

There is great resistance and defense against enemy forces. He was wounded during the war and looked at Zekeeper in the male sack. He continues to fight despite his injury. And together they set fire to the enemy forces’ ammunition. On their backs, they see the enemy pulled out of Silistra. now the enemy is withdrawn, Siliste turns out to be the father of Sıtkı Commander Zekiye from these commanders. Everything will come to pass The marriage of Zekiye and the Islamic Brain is celebrated together.

Romania is a city in Bulgaria called Siliste. Bulgaria was conquered by the Ottomans in 1388. Later, at another time, in the Ottoman Russian wars that took place in 1853 1856, Silistra, surrounded by a large Russian army, witnessed a great example of heroism. Romans Heroes depicted in Silistra, volunteers helping the Silistra siege are told. A love story that took place during this period was also acquired on the subject.

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