Our struggle deals with an unusual organ transplant. The hero’s path to this multi-selling book of Canan Tan intersects at an advertising company. Deniz Bay is a famous and rich businessman. The river is a 30-year-old successful advertiser who completes the void of her sister and her unborn child, who is 15 years older than her after her mother’s death. The rifle’s patron takes a job in partnership with the company of the Sea and assigns the River for this work. Sea and river fall in love with each other at first sight. They crowd their marriage with their beautiful relationships, but they can not make honeymoon anymore because of their busy work temps.

Finally, on the pretext of a business in Antalya, they have the opportunity to delay their honeymoon. The sea learns to be a father on the honeymoon. Returning to the honeymoon is a traffic accident, and while the platinum is attached to the river’s flank, the brain’s death has occurred. It’s a tough process for the river now. If he rebels against the idea of organ transplantation in the first place, then he will persuade him to believe that the Sea will later live in pieces in other bodies. After the river organ transplant, he interviewed the persons to whom the organs were transplanted; His eye is a girl and his heart is transferred to a university called Arda.

These talks continued with the passing time. Arda likes Arda because her heart belongs to Deniz, Arda has fallen in love with the river regardless of age difference. Arda is the envy of the girls in college to the extent that the River is trying to show it to Arda, Arda is aware of the situation and wants to marry the river. At Arda’s graduation ceremony, Arda proposes marriage to the river, and instead of 2 answers2 from the river, she says, “How can I carry a part of the sea if I have a part of it, and I am pregnant” and Arda accepts this situation; The river will give Deer’s name to his child and he will know Der Arda as his father. The writer, touching the emotional dimension of organ naklin, is also very good at dragging the millions. What is to be said is that only a marginal love story came out from Canan Tan’s pen because he got help from a doctor’s friend to reduce the writing difficulties before writing his novels and gave the book the hospital corridors that had been laid out until the end of the novel dear authorship and pleasant readings to you too, sir, donating your organs Do not forget

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