Munise, a spoiled girl, is a beautiful girl. Her mother and her father die when she is younger. Their neighborhood grieves Munise, lays down her, and gives her a marriage. But Munise does not get along very well with her husband and one day her husband escapes when he is not at home. Then a woman named Ayşe Hanim, the main friend, finds her and tells her that she will take her to a good and honorable place where she can serve as a servant. But Mrs. Ayse has a stone to Munise. He is also a pawn; If he were there to make good money and then build a good home for himself, he would not tell anyone what happened there and he would not react. Munise tells us that this idea is yes. Ayşe Hanim leads Munise on a mountain hill.

Here two servants named Cesmifelek Kalfa and Rushen meet them. Later, Ayşe Hanim leaves Munise here. Munise marvels at the strangeness of this kiosk. Munise, who can not believe in the gin, per and gobbet conversations that the car that brought them here is talking about, comes to believe them. Munise understands that she brings him here for a big tip, and hits her head. He tries to go but tells the people who come to him that he will never be able to return. Every corner of the mansion where Munisenni is brought around is covered with jinn and peril every night. The most horrible among them is Gulyabani. Jinler and Periler come around this mansion every night and go into the room and make voiceless sounds and attack Munisey. Anyway, according to the instructions given to him, he does not remove his voice, which is my destiny. One day at night a male fairy comes to Mrs. Munise’s room. Munise is confused by this situation. Face Basic Essay Summaries, Book Summaries, Roman Summaries, Face Basic Essay, Abstract

This guy’s name is Hassan. Hasan is a very nice faced peridir. Hasan says he is not a fairy and wants to save him from this corner. But Munise does not believe his words because he constantly meets these events. Hasan says that he is in love with him and that he loves him and that he can do everything for him. Later, it is understood that Hasan is a human and that this dog came from the city. At the end of Hasan, this genie understands that there is an inner face of fairy crap and it reveals it. So, the gin, the per, and the goblin talk is just nonsense. They were all people who entered the chin, fairy and goblin’s cave. Hassan catches all of them and punishes them by introducing them in front of the people. Then Munise marries Hasan, Cesmifelek Kalfa, who is a servant in the mansion, and Rushen, also find a chimney. They happily continue their lives. The mansion owner, the lady, lives with Munise and Hasan for a while and then changes her life and leaves all her possessions and property to them. Hasan and Munise happily continue their lives.

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