In this book which greets the reader with the sentence of “Mevla whats nice eyler”, the title of İbrahim Hakkı who is writing a circuit name is taken up. According to some people, it is a sign of aging according to some people that we like the period we are in, ie we are unhappy from a certain area.

I saw this book while looking at new books on the internet. Eda Bildek, one of the young enthusiasts of the literary world, who has endlessly been in love with great dreams and dreams, has apparently attempted to fill this gap by recognizing the longing for historical characters and confronted with a novel that would gather narcissus flowers in the first year of the year and guide readers to the past.

As you know, a sociologist, a mystic, and a worldly famous writer, Marifetname, is the writer of Ibrahim Hijrah. At a young age he lost his mother and father and stayed with his uncle and he focused on his education during this time. He has been involved in many studies in the fields of astronomy, physics, religion, psychology and sociology and has provided various information in the field of science information and religious information. Eda Bildek, who presented this to us by taking the life of this great personality, has created a novel that will never be lightened.

Another thing that is special about this novel is that it is the first novel of this historical personality that is known to everyone.

When it comes to the book, our writer has lived in history and shows how historical characters we all longed for and who we now desire to have such people, and how these characters, who led their era, perceived the time of life and how they perceived it. In reviewing the book, we can see how our writing is a feeling-filled character, a simple narrative and how to use carefully selected fancy cues.

I congratulate the writer for commenting on this book as saying “I will be waiting for the day to take a new journey to the past by putting us in the time machine.

Good reading.

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