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Golden Light

Golden Light is a book in which Ziya Gokalp, who is not only a thinker but also a fruitful folklore researcher, rewrites Turkish epic tales, a part of popular stories and epics, poetry or plain. Seven of the twelve texts in the book are verse, four are smooth, and one is in the form of a stage play. The reason for Gökalp’s orientation to popular literature is that it is possible to reconstruct his national Turkish thought but only by... Devamı


Munise, a spoiled girl, is a beautiful girl. Her mother and her father die when she is younger. Their neighborhood grieves Munise, lays down her, and gives her a marriage. But Munise does not get along very well with her husband and one day her husband escapes when he is not at home. Then a woman named Ayşe Hanim, the main friend, finds her and tells her that she will take her to a good and honorable place where she can serve as a servant.... Devamı

Homeland or Silistra

Islam Bey and Zekiye Hanim love each other. Islam will go to the army for being a patriotic person. The Zekiye did not explain her feelings to her before. The Zekiye volunteers her feelings before her departure and sees that her love is mutual, but she was forced to stay there because she was determined to go to the military, and that the Zekiye Hanım had entered the martyr and the soldier voluntarily entered the back of the Islam Bey, as the... Devamı

My Grandfather’s Lost Swallow

Love is sometimes a quest and sometimes patience. Love comes out against an ant you never dreamed of. This book is about a man’s hope and patience.

Grandparents and grandchildren were born on the same day. The little boy finds an old notebook and the past and the future unite. In this book, he starts looking for his love. In this book of memories adorned with the memories... Devamı

First Sun of the Year, Pomegranate Flower

In this book which greets the reader with the sentence of “Mevla whats nice eyler”, the title of İbrahim Hakkı who is writing a circuit name is taken up. According to some people, it is a sign of aging according to some people that we like the period we are in, ie we are unhappy from a certain area.

I saw this book while looking at new books on the internet. Eda... Devamı

I Loved You So Much, My Heart

Does not the book even take the name itself? Lovers of love novels and fans of Canan Tan’s pen. “My heart loved you very much.”Yes, the book really tells the love of hearts. The difficulties that come to pass through the sacrifices made are even more important, the two genres are always a love novel in their best years, passing or not passing their heads. Nazım Hikmet esintii Canan is known to... Devamı


Another amazing book is Serenad and Zülfü Livaneli, the author of this magnificent novel. Livaneli is one of the leading names in the Turkish politics of the Turkish literature world that we can hear about many of the fields. Zülfü Livaneli is one of our authors who develop themselves in all fields and reveal the subjects they are interested in from our magnificent line in our literature. Livaneli’s story in his Serenad novel is... Devamı

Hearts will die later

Our struggle deals with an unusual organ transplant. The hero’s path to this multi-selling book of Canan Tan intersects at an advertising company. Deniz Bay is a famous and rich businessman. The river is a 30-year-old successful advertiser who completes the void of her sister and her unborn child, who is 15 years older than her after her mother’s death. The rifle’s patron takes a job in... Devamı